Download Latest Free XvideoStudio Video Editor APK

Download the XvideoStudio.Video Editor and edit your videos to make them better-looking than ever before!
Download Latest Free XvideoStudio Video Editor APK
Xvideostudio.Video-Editor-APK-for-Android-by-Techtodown (1)
Xvideostudio.Video-Editor-APK-for-Android-by-Techtodown (1)

XvideoStudio.Video Editor APK Download is a video editor, video effects editor, and converter. It offers a useful video effect picker as well as an advanced layers view and layers panel for an exceptional video production experience.

XvideoStudio.Video Editor APK is a video editor and recorder. It allows you to trim video, delete segments, add sound, and even turn your video into an animation.

Video editing for Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS is easier than ever. You just need to download the app and you're ready to do some editing.

With a slick, intuitive interface and a wide variety of powerful video editing tools, XvideoStudio.Video Editor APK allows you to fix those pesky video errors, remove out-of-focus areas, and create beautiful 3D effects.

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As a FREE video editor for iOS devices, XvideoStudio is accessible and simple to use. The app is designed to work in conjunction with an iPad, iPhone, or PC. It provides you with all the tools that are necessary on set and at home.

It is difficult for one developer to make a video editing app. Our main developer wanted to create his own, but he quickly found it hard to include all the features and make it run well. Luckily, he asked for our help.

The result of many hours of app development is XvideoStudio. He managed to meet all of our client's requirements, and now he's happy to tell us that it's his first app release.

How to download and install XvideoStudio Video Editor APK?

Play from Gallery: Find a gallery item and play your video by clicking on it.  Watch from Camera Roll: View all your videos captured in the camera roll and play the ones you want. Play from Files: After selecting a file to play, the video will start playing.

Click on a photo or video in your gallery to play it. You can save it for later, send it to another device, or even create a new slideshow.

Click on a photo or video in your gallery to play it. You can save it for later, send it to another device, or even create a new slideshow. Share: On the final action, you can share the video either with an email or through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

With these 11 apps, you can make a professional-looking video on your phone with ease.


Users may be disappointed to find that this app is only available for Jelly Bean devices. It can’t be installed on any other version of Android, which may mean complicated workarounds, or getting a new phone.

As with any beta app, there may be some bugs. Installing this app is only recommended if you know what you're doing. Thank you for reading! And if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments section below. In addition, if you're looking for a tutorial on how to edit videos, we recommend this useful tutorial on cutting any video clips into simple MPEG-4 videos.


Download Latest Free XvideoStudio Video Editor APK
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